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Developmental Growth Spurts

Babies go through several developmental growth spurts which result in more frequent feeding. Most newborns will want to feed 10-12 times per 24 hours for the first 6 months of life. Between 4-6 weeks and 16-18 weeks your baby will likely want to eat a few more times per 24 hours, around 12-14 times.

This is a time of lots of brain growth and when baby is through with these spurts you will see brand new milestones!

Around 6 weeks, your baby will start to become more interactive and will likely start to have some real social smiles. Around 4-5 months, your baby can start rolling, becoming even more social and vocal, and can start to play and interact with you.

Baby's feeding will likely go back to their typical pattern once the developmental growth spurt has passed.

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