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I believe that the human body is miraculous!  The more I learn about how we function the more strongly I feel.

Sometimes those functions are interrupted and we need a helping hand to get back on track.

My role is to be a guardian for your experience. I am here to help you meet your personal goals.


Every family is unique with their own values, goals, and vision for parenting. I can't wait to meet yours and find out how I can support you!

See more about my experience here.

Supporting Families in Salem, OR and the surrounding area for over 18 years!

Bloom Lactation is respectful and welcoming to all genders, sexualities, families, races, nationalities, abilities, and parents of all sorts.  

There are so many of us that lack that perspective and knowledge of the world that is human lactation. I have never met an IBCLC that was so passionate that had the ability to grab my interest and make me want to further explore the world of human lactation. I used to dread going in and having to help with breastfeeding.  So often human lactation is not given the credit it deserves for how amazing it truly is. WOMEN are AMAZING beings! I can’t thank you enough; I am truly so incredibly grateful to have met you and get the pleasure of learning from you.
- Amanda, RN
“ I am confident that breastfeeding is going to become better and better each day now.  You were the start of this road to recovery for me” Emily
Breastfeeding mom

Professional Associations:

  • Oregon Washington Lactation Association 

  • Lactation Consultants of America

  • United States Lactation Consultants Association

  • International Lactation Consultants Association

  • Marion County Breastfeeding Coalition


  • 2023 Breastfeeding Advocate of the Year 
    LBL Breastfeeding Coalition

  • 2022 Breastfeeding Champion
    National WIC Association

  • 2022 Breastfeeding Award of Excellence

  • 2021 Breastfeeding Excellence Acknowledgement

Certifications and Licenses
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant L-98168
Lactation Consultant, Oregon Health Licensing LC-10189170
Basic Life Saving, American Heart Association: renewed biannually

"Megan was so supportive, patient and professional. She helped find short and long term solutions for nursing my tongue-tied new born. We have successfully nursing for several month now without pain. I was very happy with her service."

breastfeeding happy mom
"Thank you so much for all of your time and help!! You help save my nursing relationship. Because of your help I went past my goal. I ended up nursing my lil guy for 23months!!!" Karessa

"Megan was a god send! My 4 month old was gaining weight more slowly than expected and I was feeling overwhelmed and lost.


I reached out to Megan and she was so gracious to come over very quickly, around her super busy schedule. She helped us identify my daughter's tongue tie and she was such a wealth of information, patience and understanding. As a mom in the full throes of post partum hormones and then feeling like a I was failing, she was so kind and considerate. She helped us to find a dr and a chiro to help and was a support along the way.


She was quick to respond to my texts and provided me information and options while making sure I felt validated to make the night choices for our daughter. If you are unsure or need support please call her!! And remember, you got this mama!"

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